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Custom Concrete Landscape Curbing

Concrete Curbing creates clean, crisp lines between flowerbeds and other areas, and serves as a beautiful edge for beds containing flowers and shrubs, around fountains and ponds, along walkways, and for circles around trees. It greatly helps to keep mulch or rock from spilling into your lawn, and keeps grass from spreading into your beds.
Curb Preparation

Ground Preparation

We will begin with your installation with ground preparation, by removing any roots, obstacles, or old edging, and will sculpt a trench where the curbing will be constructed.
Curb Installation

Curbing Installation

Once we begin the curb installation, we will lay your new curbing directly into the trench, applying colors and textures according to your specifications.
Curb Maintenance

Border Maintenance

After the installation, we will explain a few simple keys to keep your curbing vibrant for years to come, including periodic cleaning with your garden hose.

We Offer Financing!

Ask us about affordable monthly payment plans.

What Makes Landscape Curbing Great?

  • High-Quality Concrete
  • Increases Perceived Value of Property
  • Installed in Every Climate
  • Multiple Colors & Styles to Choose from
  • Can Act as a Root Barrier for Gardening
  • Perfect for Commercial & Residential
  • Easy to Maintain After Curing 
  • 100% Eco-Friendly and Safe
  • Timeless & Elegant Finish for any Yard
  • Strong and Durable for Years to Come

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Choose Your Curbing

With so many colors and styles to choose from we can create the perfect look to match your home or business.


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